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Our Family

Our Guarantee....


Our guarantee to you!

We stress solid genetics with a comprehensive vaccination and worming program for our pups.  Our puppies will be current on their vaccinations and worming prior to coming home to you!

We work very hard to produce Happy and Healthy Puppies!

We give a 1 year guarantee against life threatening genetic defects.
Pups are shipped with a Certificate of Health signed by our Licensed vet.
Remember....just like people....pups can contract illnesses with shipping stress.
Be sure to have your pup checked within 72 hours of the time they arrive home.

Also...be aware that hypoglycemia is possible with undue stress as well.
We supply an informational sheet that explains the symptoms and treatment of
this stress-induced lowering of blood sugar that can occur with any toy breed.   
Hypoglycemia is not a genetic defect...it is definitely something
that with the proper handling of your pup can be avoided.   
Handle your new baby with lots of TLC and 
keep their stressors to a minimum after they arrive home.
they are young tiny pups 
who need time to adjust to their new environments.

We will replace a pup free of charge with proper written documentation
 signed by your licensed veterinarian

 stating the nature of a life threatening genetic defect
We do not pay for any incurred vet expenses
....but we will give you a replacement pup free of charge 
(additional shipping charges, if required, are the responsibility of the buyer)
with proper documentation of a qualified diagnosis!

No guarantee is given on final mature weight.
Genetics, nutrition and exercise all play
important roles in mature weights.
We do our best to accurately 
estimate weights
based on genetics and prior litter information.


Just thought I'd update you on Bellina...she is such a little sweetheart.  I have had a tough couple of months since I got her, but she has been the little ray of fluffy sunshine that keeps me going and keeps a smile on my face.

Sheri Herzing and Family


Hope everything is going great on your end. Thank you so much for bringing Muffin (her puppy name on your website was Chasity!!) into our home.  I highly recommend you as a good, honest and trustworthy breeder. Everything you told me about Muffin has held true....

Pauline Winston

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